Monday, June 20, 2011

"When I Get Home"

A friend of mine had posted this on Facebook and I just loved so much. I decided to share with you all!
Enjoy! =)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Today was a great accomplishment

Today was the final day of week 5 of the couch-to-5k. We had to run 20 minutes non-stop. For those of you who are saying that is nothing, well for us this was an amazing accomplishment. When we first started out we never thought that we would be able to run for 20 minutes. Heck, we didn't think we would be able to run 5 or 10 minutes. But we have pushed ourselves to do so.  I am not only very proud of myself but also my two wonderful ladies that do this with me. I am so glad that I get to do this with them.
Now that I know I can do it, I can't wait for the rest of the training. By the end of it we will be running for 30 minutes without stopping. This will feel amazing and I can't wait to see us come out on top of this.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

" A Kiss Goodnight."

I got a package today from my best friend, Rachel! It was a very nice surprise. She sent me a glass bowl with "kisses." I have seen this idea before. I think its so cute and have always said when I have kids that would do this idea with them. You fill a bowl or whatever you want to use with Hersey Kisses. You put a kiss in for everyday they are gone. Every night or every morning you get a "kiss." Its a nice and different way to countdown. I never thought bout doing it for myself before. I thought it was very nice that Rachel thought of me and did this for me. She also knows us to well. She knows our saying for our bedroom is "Always kiss me goodnight." So for her to pick "A Kiss Goodnight"  was perfect. I am not sure if that even crossed her mind but I am sure it did. This package made my whole week for a lot of reasons.
One reason is, Rachel and I are living busy lives at the moment and we hardly find time to catch up with each other. So it was nice to know she is still always thinking bout me. I hope she knows that I am always thinking of her too. I miss her very much. In fact her little note she added to my package made me cry today. I just Love her! She is one of my best friends and the type of best friend that I know if we went months without talking, we would just pick up were we left off at the next time we did talk. (Not that I want to go months without talking to her.) I hope she knows how much her friendship means to me. I love you Rachie Ann and thanks for always being there even if you aren't really here.
So thanks to my best friend. I will know have "A Kiss Goodnight" every night until he is home again to get the real KISS GOODNIGHT!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well I guess I am just going to update again.

I have a lot on my mind, but I have no idea where to start to process it all. So for now I am just going to give you all an other update on my working out. I am sure you all are getting tired of this. But for me, I will enjoy being able to come back read this and see how my progress went!
This week marks week 5 of our training for couch-to-5k. This week we have ran longer than we thought we could. We talked bout it this whole week how we look back to week one, and think to ourselves, that we thought we could never run longer than minute. We have proved ourselves wrong over and over again during this training.
Today we ran for 10 minutes had a 3 minute walking break and ran for other 10 minutes. I made it through all the way. It was such a great feeling for me. Friday we run for 20 minutes non-stop. We will see how that goes.
Our trainer, Sarah, she is just amazing. We have been doing TRX training (you can find more about it here TRX TRAINING ). I have a love-hate relationship with it. It really does give you a full body workout. Even though days later I am still hurting from it, I love that I know I am getting a great workout.
I have been to nervous to step on the scale to see what my numbers are like. So today Sarah went a head and weighed me. I just stood backwards so I couldn't see. However, I just made her tell me because I wanted to know. I must say I felt so awesome when she told me the number! It was great to know that this is working, and that I am losing weight. It gives me hopes that I will be closer to my goal weight by the time the hubby gets back from his year tour.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yes, ok fine, I am going to whine!

Ok so as the title states I am going to whine. I am trying to start my lawn mower to mow my jungle out front and of course after three tries I still couldn't get it. So here I am blogging bout it. No worries I'll be going back out to try again after this post. Anyways its these little things that he, the hubby, would usually do that get to me the most. Why? I have no idea! But I just want to cry because I can't get the stupid lawn mower to start. I know what a big a baby I am. Plus I am way to stubborn to go ask one of my neighbors if they could come start it for me. I am too determined to get it on my own. So I am going to go try again if I still cant get it. I am going to have no other choice but to ask for help. This is something I do not want to have to do. It makes me feel weak.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The little things are what makes life worth it!

Today I got flowers for our anniversary! (He knew I was going to be gone all day yesterday!) But it wasn't even the flowers that made it so great. It was the note that came with it. That note was all I needed. Well really I didn't need it because I know he loves me. But it was a great reminder! Made me tear up thats for sure. Gosh isn't great when the little things just remind us how great life is and what make life worth it. One smiple thing such as a note made my whole month! =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9th = Happy Anniversary

Today is my husbands and I 4th wedding anniversary. I can't believe its been 4 years already. I am so happy that he is mine. I couldn't ask for a better husband. He is one amazing man that's for sure. He is my best friend. I don't know what I would do with out him. We have been lucky enough to spend all of our anniversaries together but this one. The first one was R&R time for us. The other two we were just lucky enough to be able to spend them together. So I am not going to whine and complain about how much I wish he was here today to celebrate with me. Instead I am going to enjoy this day. I am going to have fun and be happy! I know that in no way would my husband want me to sit around and be a lazy bum.

Jeffrey, Thank you for 4 amazing, wonderful years. I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. I can't wait to grow old with you because I know the best is yet to come. I love you with all my heart always have always will. You have been one of the best husbands any girl could ever ask for. Thanks for putting up with me and my crazy bitchy mood swings. I love you with all my heart forever and always to the moon and back plus much more! Miss you and can't wait till R&R time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

So Proud

I am so proud of myself today. Today started are next level of the couch-to-5k training. I really had some doubts going into today. After last week kicking my butt and failing I was starting to think I wasn't cut out for this. But guess what, I proved myself wrong. I was so proud today. It felt so great to complete this 1st day of our next level training with a bang! I am also proud of my two running buddies. They have been doing a kick butt job too! This is what we did today and what we will do the rest of this week!
Brisk five-minute warm up walk, then:
  • Jog 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
  • Walk 1/8 mile (or 90 seconds)
  • Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
  • Walk 1/4 mile (or 2-1/2 minutes)
  • Jog 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
  • Walk 1/8 mile (or 90 seconds)
  • Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
We do that for 20 minutes 3 times a day. I am so excited for myself and my running buddies for doing such a great job today! Ok so I'll get a little cocky here...WE ROCK!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

First time for everything!

I think no matter how many times your hubby, wife, or loved one deploys, that there will always be a first something or another. This time just so happens that I wont be spending my wedding anniversary with him. Now I am not asking for you to feel bad for me that's the LAST thing I want. I also know that i am not the first person who has spent many important times in our lives alone. Yes, as much as it sucks not being able to spend your important dates together at least I have him on this earth with me. So when our anniversary hits this week I am going to do my best to not be sad or lonely bout him not being here to celebrate with me. Instead I am just going to be thankful I have my best friend, my soul mate, my everything here on this earth with me!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Personal Traniner=Butt handed to me plus lots of whining.

Well where do I start? It has been a crazy week! I started off the week with a cold. Having a cold and trying to run with the couch-to-5k training just kicked my butt. I failed pretty bad at the training this week. I will say thanks to 2 of my favorite chick-a-dees I completed today's training. Whooo hooo. That was the best feeling all week! Now as for the title of this posting...
Since we workout on post we are able to use a trainer for free! WHOO HOOO! Yes, I did say free. It's worth it. =) She works us and without her I don't know if I would push myself like she does. Lets just say after the first day I could hardly walk. And since Wed. I haven't been able to move my arms. I can't even explain how bad they hurt. I thought my arms were stronger than they actually were. It takes all I have to wash my hair, hold my phone to my ear, lift a bottle of water to my mouth. I think you are starting to get the picture here. I am pretty sure I hit muscle failure with my arms that day. When does the pain stop? It's very annoying all the little things hurt things that shouldn't hurt like getting dressed. GOSH getting dressed takes me like 10 minutes in its self.
I am ready for this phase to be over with. I am ready for the phase where I start seeing results with my weight loss. I am full out taking this on and I know I have to remind myself
"It's not a sprint it's a marathon."