Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well Hello =)

I know I suck at keeping this up-to-date, and I am sorry for that. However, to be honest, my life is pretty boring and usually the same ol routine everyday!

I have started a new work-out adventure! I am now attending Imprint Fitness boot-camp 4 times a week. So any of you in the Colorado Springs area here is link to check them out. ( Imprint Fitness and here is their blog also Imprint Fitness Blog.) They are amazing and very welcoming.

As for the rest of my life its the same stuff everyday. Workout, clean, school work, dog park, friends aka family, and relaxing. So nothing to exciting here, just passing the time until my husband comes home.  It can't come soon enough. In fact, March has taken FOREVER to end. Anyone else feel that way bout March?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It has been like summer here lately so I am enjoying the nice weather!