Monday, January 2, 2012

I had to share!

Thanks to my best friend for sending me a YouTube video, I have found a new and upcoming singer. Who happens to also fight for this country. Leaving behind his friends and family. I feel like his songs give a good idea to how the soldier feels.

He is so amazing! I could listen to him all day long! On Dec 28th this is what he said "Tomorrow I am headed back to the studio around 1200ish to FINISH the tracks on Fallen Soldier, and THEN, HOPEFULLY, within a week or so, IT WILL BE ON iTUNES!!!! Remember, The more you buy the better and spread the word the better, because Im giving half the profit of each download to a non profit organization strictly for military rehabilitation."-Nathan Fair
An amazing singer and he is going to give back to help the military members who gave so much for us. See he is amazing!

As you can see his name is Nathan Fair. Here is the link to his Facebook fan pageif you want to check that out, but before you do that listen to the two songs I have below for you to listen to.  He is pretty amazing. Then if you like what you hear spread the word and buy his songs on iTunes when they hit there!


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