Thursday, January 19, 2012

I guess it wasn't safe to say...

All week a few of us have been working on welcome home signs for the single guys coming home. People have been rushing around the company to get things ready for them coming home to only find out today that they will be staying there for the full year.
This was shocker I think to everyone at first. My husband even had his flight itinerary for the next day. But after the shock, it become very clear that we all knew, ok maybe just a few of us knew, this was going to happen. I mean come on they didn't even have orders to come home. They were only slotted for transportation to bring them home. That's what they were going off of. They were suppose to get cut their orders today but instead....they got the news that will not be heading home.
Does it suck? Well maybe for some, but for me I will still be seeing him soon. He will still be getting his R&R that he would of originally got. Their time left in country is really not that long compared to what we have completed already. They are in a safe, non-combative area. It could be a lot worse.
So,  I have decided to take the positive path on this on. In fact, I love the positive path! =)

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this, Kirstin. It sucks to have a deployment extended. I commend you for choosing to take the positive path because lord knows how challenging it can be to stay positive when the army dishes out extensions. Always thinking of you, chickadee!