Tuesday, July 10, 2012

OK, catch up time!

Well I know it has been forever, but like I said before my life isn't all that exciting. However, alot has happened since my last post so let me get started.

My husband finally returned from his second deployment! He came back on advon team, which is an early home team, so he was home in April. We have had to readjust and get back to a normal routine I guess you would say.
We have just been enjoying our time with our friends and family. My sister and her fiance came out in June, I road back with them to Iowa so I could be there for my sister's bridal shower. I flew back then to Colorado.  We also went up north here in Colorado to visit our friends for the 4th of July! That was a nice visit as always. I seriously love our friendship with them, we always pick up right where we left off.
The next day my mom,dad and brother were out here in Colorado visiting with us. That was a nice visit just relaxed and did a few things. They decided to come out one last time before we move. Yes, here it is the big news!

Before Jeff came back from deployment we found out that he came down on orders to go back to Ft. Leonard Wood. He got orders to be an instructor down there, so we are headed back that way the middle of October. I wasn't very excited about this at all...but I have accepted it and will make the best of it. I will miss my friends here (however they are all going somewhere too) but this is part of this lifestyle.

Besides all that we will be busy busy before the move. We are getting ready to go on leave and head back to Iowa for a couple of weeks to spend time with family and of course celebrate my sister getting married. Once we get back we only have two months left before we are looking at moving. AHHH!!! I know everything will work out how its meant to. Other than all this my life is the same-ol. Hope you all are doing wonderful!

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